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About Us


Meet The Kessels.  Pottery Awesomeness was a collaboration of the entire Kessel Family.  Stephanie (mom) runs a "paint your own pottery" studio in Gloucester Point, VA, called York River Pottery Co.  Over the years, Stephanie has had the opportunity to see the effect that painting pottery has had on her own children as well as the children who come into her studio to paint.  It can only be described as joy. She quickly realized she wanted to spread that joy to more people than those who could come to her studio.  These pottery painting kits were developed with her children's input at every level.  Evie, 5 and Reid, 3, decided which figurines to put in each kit as well as the colors Stephanie would use for the tutorials.  These kits were truly made for kids by kids. 

All children love painting.  They crave the connections the brain makes when they hold a paintbrush.  They also crave the calm it brings them.  Stephanie found over time that painting pottery is much more than a fun activity for children, it is a calm down technique and has very much become a part of her children's lives.  Pottery Awesomeness painting kits essentially are gifts of joy from the Kessel family to you!