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Pottery for Everyone

Whether you are young or young at heart, we have something for you!


Who is Pottery Awesomeness?

We are a family owned and operated shop envisioned by our pottery obsessed founder, Stephanie Kessel.  After running a successful boutique paint your own pottery studio for many years, she opened Pottery Awesomeness with the hope that she could spread the joy of painting pottery across the US, maybe even beyond...

Our goal is to provide the ultimate pottery painting experience for our customers.  We offer high quality bisqueware, all the supplies you need to paint them, including our revolutionary, proprietary, at-home, brush-on, food-safe glaze!  We also offer a growing library of pottery painting classes for our VIP customers!

We offer subscriptions boxes, bundle builders and seasonal items for both kids and adults.

Gorgeous Bisqueware Selections

We carry high-quality bisqueware for all occasions, including holiday, kitchen, home décor, whimsical and classic.  If it can be molded with clay, we carry it!  We also carry all the supplies you will need to paint and glaze it!  To start shopping, please check out our "Family Bundle" here.

Pottery Awesomeness Junior

"Pottery Awesomeness Jr." is our award winning pottery line for kids. It's how we got on the map! We offer pre-packed, ready to go kits, or a build your own option! If your kids love getting creative, they will love painting pottery! To view our Pottery Awesomeness Homepage, please click here.

Proprietary Food-Safe Glaze

Did we mention we are the only ones to offer our revolutionary, proprietary, brush-on, food-safe glaze that provides a kiln-like glossy finish without the kiln?  Learn More

VIP Memberships

Once you upgrade to VIP, several hundred pieces of bisqueware are unlocked for you, all from 30-50% off 365 days a year, access to a growing library of painting classes is granted, first access to all holiday and new items (that sell out fast) is guaranteed, and so much more! Learn More.

Professional Course Site

Our gorgeous course website is filled with a growing library of painting classes.  Love to paint, but need some inspiration?  Look no further! Learn to paint your projects with professionally edited classes that guide you step by step through the process!

A Kit for You = A Kit for Two

When someone buys a pottery painting kit on our site, a portion of the proceeds are spent on a "kit" of art therapy supplies for sick children in hospitals.  Learn More


Below are some of our most popular products for both the young and young at heart!







Pottery Awesomeness General FAQ

Pottery Awesomeness Junior FAQ