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Mermaid Shelley Pottery Painting Kit

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When you purchase a kit, we donate a kit of art supplies to a child in the hospital.  Art therapy heals.  Check out our program here: A Kit for You = A Kit for Two


Have you ever met a little girl who doesn't love mermaids?  They are mythical creatures like mermaids themselves.  This customized pottery painting kit is perfect for anyone who loves mermaids or anyone who loves painting, and it is doubly perfect for someone who loves both.  Sound like someone you know?  Well, dive in!  Select a color palette of our design or create your own! 

We have selected a standard color palette that we think people will love, but it’s super easy to pick additional color palettes that may work better for you!  Just pick "Add an Extra Paint Palette" and pick the color combo that speaks to you [check them all out HERE].

Included in each kit:

(1) AWESOME large Mermaid Shelley figurine (4 ½" H x 3 ¼" L x 2 ½" W)
(1) Medium-sized mermaid ornament (3 ¾" L x 2 ¾" W x ¼" Thick)
(1) Star fish Tag Along
(1) color palette with acrylic paint, including white, black and (6) other AWESOME colors
(3) kids paint brushes
(1) 1/2 oz container of brush-on sealer
(1) sealer brush
(1) QR code that will direct you to painting tutorials on how to paint pottery and use brush-on sealer

But, what's a "Tag-Along", you ask?  Tag-Alongs are adorable, magnet-sized pieces of pottery that allow you to extend the painting fun!  They are all adorable and make for a great collection.  And, yes, with the help of a hot glue gun and a magnet, they can actually become fun art for your refrigerator!

Want to upgrade your brushes or sealer? No problem, select between "good", "better" and "awesome" brush sets above.  

A Kit for You = A Kit for Two

For every Kit purchased on our website, we donate a "kit" of art therapy supplies to children in hospitals.  Let us bring art to your family and to kids who need it the most!

Painting means happiness.

Your kiddos deserve art in their life.  Check out why below!