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Pineapple Mighty Tot - VIP

2 ?" H x 1 ¾" W (Surface Area of all paintable sides: 21 sq. in.): Pineapples are considered an expression of welcome throughout the South and symbolizes positive ideals in a home: friendship, hospitality and warmth. So, why not have this sweet, welcoming pineapple tot greet the guests in your home! This delightful little bisqueware piece will be a lovely little niknak in any home or office and will make everyone feel welcome in the space. The design of the Pineapple Mighty Tot is made to look like a tiny version of that tasty summer fruit! Pineapples are super popular right now, and people will love what they mean in a home.

Finish options and important paint considerations:
When choosing your paints and finish options, please keep the following information in mind:

1 oz of paint covers approximately 166 sq. inches.  

Extra Glossy Finish: 
-Our proprietary solution to achieve a kiln-fired, glass-like appearance that is also food-safe when applied properly. 
-Required for items that need to be food-safe
-The entire piece MUST be covered in acrylic paint before applying this finish. The finish will not adhere to unpainted bisque. Please calculate the amount of paint you will need for a base coat and order accordingly

Satin Finish:
A satin, non-food-safe finish appropriate for all pieces where food-safety is not required.  A base coat is not required, though it is recommended.

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