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Party Pack - Tier 3: Pottery + Themed Party Supplies

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Do you have everything you need already to decorate for your party?  If so, and the only thing missing is the pottery to paint, this package is right for you! 

In this package, we only send the pottery figurines and paint supplies and leave the decorating to you! (We do still offer a few add-ons at the end, just to make some last minute odds and ends easier for you).  

Base price for a party package is $25.  This covers all paints, paint brushes and Spray sealer included for your awesome pottery!

Just click on what you want to add to your party and we will send it!!  Make sure to click on the image and then input the quantity.  If you decide you don't want it, just click the image again.

Step One:

Select a figurine and the quantity for each.  Options include Mermaid Shelley, Unicorn Daisy, Robotron, and Rex T-rex.  Mix and match!

Add extras to your party.  Want to upgrade brushes? Add place mats? We've got you covered! 

Your entire party will be delivered to your door!   Just add cupcakes :)

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