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Food Safe Glossy Glaze (1 oz glaze only)

1 oz glaze rupture pac only

This magical little product is the reason Pottery Awesomeness can offer such wonderful, functional pieces of pottery for pottery lovers to paint at home.  This revolutionary, proprietary brush-on, food-safe glaze is ONLY available through Pottery Awesomeness. 

Once the glaze finish is applied properly and allowed to cure, the surface will not only be food-safe, but it will also have a glass-like glossy shine similar to what it would look like fresh out of the kiln!


Each glaze pack will cover approximately 75-125 square inches of pottery.  Please calculate how much you need based on the surface area measurements offered in the product description for each of the pottery pieces you have selected.

A Kit for You = A Kit for Two

For every Kit purchased on our website, we donate a "kit" of art therapy supplies to children in hospitals.  Let us bring art to your family and to kids who need it the most!

Painting means happiness.

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