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Faceted Owl Planter

4 ¾" Dia. x 4 ¼" H (16 Ounces) (Surface Area of all paintable sides: 198 sq. in.): Owls are popular right now, and the Faceted Owl Planter makes a great gift to add to any owl or bird collection! With its multifaceted surface, the owl planter bisque is unique in shape and dimension, and it’s a fun pottery painting project for both children and adults! Fun fact: A group of owls is called a parliament. This began because of a C.S. Lewis’ description about a meeting of owls in The Chronicles of Narnia. Owls, as strange, nocturnal birds, have been perceived as mysterious and magical in history and folklore, and, perhaps, this is why the owl has become such a common decoration in homes!The Faceted Owl Planter is polysided. This form of sculpture has roots in Art Deco, Cubism, and Modern art! The shape is constituted of many individual sides, and this allows the observer to appreciate how a single piece helps make up the whole.When designing and painting your Faceted Owl Planter, consider taking advantage of this bisque piece’s most distinctive feature: the owl’s eyes. The eyes themselves are small circles with many triangular shapes extending outward to create a large socket! Use traditional owl colors, making sure to keep each individual segment distinctive, or, perhaps, disregard the traditional, and paint an abstract pattern onto the pottery owl planter! This will allow the shape to stand out by its faceted design!To keep the Faceted Owl Planter functional, it must be given a a finish using our watertight sealing glaze! This will seal and waterproof the piece and allow it to act as a functional planter both inside and out! The Faceted Owl Planter is a great project for novices and prodigies alike! And this fun and stylish piece makes a great gift and will look stylish on any bookshelf, desk, or patio!

Finish options and important paint considerations:
When choosing your paints and finish options, please keep the following information in mind:

1 oz of paint covers approximately 166 sq. inches.  

Extra Glossy Finish: 
-Our proprietary solution to achieve a kiln-fired, glass-like appearance that is also food-safe when applied properly. 
-Required for items that need to be food-safe
-The entire piece MUST be covered in acrylic paint before applying this finish. The finish will not adhere to unpainted bisque. Please calculate the amount of paint you will need for a base coat and order accordingly

Satin Finish:
A satin, non-food-safe finish appropriate for all pieces where food-safety is not required.  A base coat is not required, though it is recommended.

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