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The Pottery Pack -- A Monthly Seasonal Kit Subscription (FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED)




[IMPORTANT]: Committing to being a subscriber with us is AWESOME!  For that reason, we reward our subscribers with awesome benefits, SO AWESOME that we do have to require a 2 month commitment before cancellation.  Subscriptions are set for a minimum of two deliveries before you are able to cancel. After your second shipment, you may cancel at any time without incurring cancellation fees.

If you are interested in buying our seasonal kit, but do not want to receive them monthly, we offer our seasonal kits for sale as one time purchases HERE.




THE POTTERY PACK is our monthly seasonal kit subscription service and its PURE AWESOMENESS! When you subscribe, at $30.00 per month, you get:


Our Pottery Pack service allows you to get all of our seasonal pottery painting kits full of AWESOMENESS shipped to your door without you having to remember!  These kits have limited quantities available and move quickly.  By subscribing, you guarantee that you will get one!

A subscription also means gifts for the people in your life will be taken care of ahead of time without you having to think about it. 

  • Easter baskets? Check! 
  • Mother's Day? Perfect!
  • Father's Day? Done! 
  • Holiday Stocking Stuffers? Yes!!

Each kit comes with pottery, paints, paint brushes, sealer, and sealer brush and a QR code that leads to tutorials on how to paint your pottery! 

When you subscribe, the first kit that will be sent for your subscription is the one identified as "current month" below.


Your first charge will occur on the day that you subscribe and you will receive the kit for the "current month".  Each additional charge will occur on the 15th of the month.  By default, we will not automatically charge you twice within a 30 day period.  Please let us know with the check box selection above if it is okay to charge you for next month's kit or if you would like to wait.

Each kit is regularly $32.00 + flat rate shipping. Our Seasonal Subscription not only guarantees you a kit, (we have limited availability for our seasonal kits), but it saves you $2 off the top and you get shipping for FREE!

What kits come in your subscription?  These are some examples of the kinds of kits that we offer.  

Winter Kit

Valentine's Day Kit

Spring Kit

Easter Kit 

Mother's Day 

Father's Day

Fourth of July

Back to School

Fall Kit

Halloween Kit 

Thanksgiving Kit

Christmas Kit 

A Kit for You = A Kit for Two

For every Kit purchased on our website, we donate a "kit" of art therapy supplies to children in hospitals.  Let us bring art to your family and to kids who need it the most!

Painting means happiness.

Your kiddos deserve art in their life.  Check out why below!