The Family Bundle

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We have something for everyone

Your hands and heart will thank you.

The Original Online Pottery Painting Studio

Over 10,000+ at-home pottery kits delivered in the US.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Spend $225 to get a 2 FREE VIP Memberships ($600 Value)!




The Family Bundle

Get Your Pottery Painting Project Today

We have something for everyone

Your hands and heart will thank you.

Start Painting Today

The Original Online Pottery Painting Studio

Over 10,000+ at-home pottery kits delivered in the US.



For a Limited Time, two 1 YEAR VIP Memberships ($600 Value) is included with your purchase when you spend $225 or more.

Our VIP Membership includes:

  • Exclusive access to the largest collection of pottery pieces anywhere online
  • ALL pottery is discounted 30%-50% off 356 days a year!
  • Our library of painting classes is unlocked (new classes added each month)
  • Exclusive sales every month for never seen before pottery!
  • Spread the Love: For a limited time only, when you become a VIP, you can gift a membership to a friend (makes a great holiday gift)!

About the Pottery Awesomeness Family Bundle

The Family Bundle is the ultimate shopping experience for pottery painting enthusiasts!  When you click on the button below, you will be guided through a series of steps where you will be able to pick and choose from our most popular bisqueware products (our entire bisqueware collection consisting of hundreds of items is available to VIPs only) and all of the tools and paints you will need to paint them, including our proprietary at-home, brush-on, food-safe glaze, and painting classes!  

Gorgeous Bisqueware Selections

Choose two beautiful pieces from our awesome selection of high quality bisqueware every quarter.

Professional Course Site

Learn to paint your projects with professionally edited classes that guide you step by step through the process via our gorgeous course website. View Website

Proprietary Food-Safe Glaze

Did we mention we are the only ones to offer our revolutionary, proprietary, brush-on, food-safe glaze that provides a kiln-like glossy finish without the kiln?  Learn More

Inside the Pottery Awesomeness Family Bundle

Wondering what kinds of things we have to paint?  Here's a look inside!

Our items sell quickly, so the current offerings in our bundle may be different than those shown below.







Members love the Pottery Awesomeness

With over 10,000 pottery kits delivered, we know how to deliver smiles!

Joan V.

"I have been a subscriber of their kid's subscription box for years and have loved every minute of it. I am SO HAPPY that there is now something for me to paint too. I have been painting ceramics for decades and with everything going on right now, I love being able to paint at home. The best thing about this is the VIP membership. There is so much to choose from. The only hard thing is choosing what I want to paint!"

Vikki K.

"I LOVE Pottery Awesomeness. I have been a VIP since the beginning and I love that Stephanie, the owner, is always adding new things for us to paint. It's Awesomeness."

Karen T.

"I love that everything I need to paint my projects is included. The pottery and paints are really high quality too. I can't believe I can make my plates food safe with their special glaze formula. It's a bit messy, but the classes that come with the project go into detail about how to apply it, so it's really easy to learn. These projects are so so cool. Highly recommend. "

Beth R.

"I am a novice painter, but I love painting pottery.  It is the most relaxing thing!  The classes provided make it super easy to follow along and I love that.  The pottery is so beautiful.  I love that I will be able to display the things I paint and gift them as well.  I love thoughtful gift giving!"

Join our Awesome Pottery Community

  • Join our growing community of pottery painting enthusiasts
  • Get Q&A time with Stephanie, our founder and class instructor
  • Upgrade to VIP to get access to our growing library of pottery painting classes
  • Soothe your soul with this magical & relaxing art form

What makes Pottery Awesomeness Different?

We offer the widest selection of beautiful bisqueware (ready to paint bare pottery), high quality vibrant paint, and... drum roll please...

Our proprietary "food-safe" brush on glaze. No kiln necessary.

Why is this revolutionary?

Before now, in order to have dishes, mixing bowls or serving dishes that were hand-painted and functional (i.e. food safe), you would need access to a kiln!  While we are happy to lend you ours, the logistics of that are no bueno!

Now, you can paint at home, glaze at home (without a kiln), then mix, measure and eat to your heart's content!

(no baking, though...  they are not oven safe, but neither are low fire ceramics out of the kiln).

The History Behind this Pottery Awesomeness

Hi, I'm Stephanie, the founder of Pottery Awesomeness. 

When I launched Pottery Awesomeness, I was running a brick and mortar "paint your own pottery" studio where I had gathered tons of market research on what people love to paint!

I knew people loved functional pottery pieces (things that can be used like dishes and mixing bowls) and I wanted so badly to be able to offer them to my online customers as well, but there was no way to make them food safe without sending a kiln too! A kiln is around $4,000 used, so I knew that would be a hard sell, lol.

Since it wasn't possible at the time, I focused on what was possible and fun... Holiday and seasonal items! People fell in love with our monthly seasonal box offerings. It has been such an extraordinary, fun venture offering our seasonal pottery boxes and painting them along side you. The popularity took us by surprise and we eventually had to put our subscription on a waitlist!

In my heart of hearts, as Pottery Awesomeness grew, I knew I still wanted to find a way to offer the dishes and serving ware that people love to paint because I understand it's about making something that can be passed down...

...commemorative plates that preserve your babies' footprints, signature plates that capture all the guests at your wedding, a plate that marks the day you got the "all clear" from your oncologist, one-of-a-kind recipe dishes that have grandma's pecan pie recipe (in her hand writing) on it, pastry dishes that remind you of your mom's famous red velvet cake, and mixing bowls that your kids, grandkids and great grandkids can using long after you're gone.

I became obsessed with making functional pottery at home a possibility. It's been two years since my search began... and I am finally ready to release it to the world! I found the solution! And, we are the only ones who are offering it...

Is it really food safe without firing it in a kiln? Yes! We are the only online pottery studio that will be offering a proprietary "food-safe" finish that can be applied at home. No kiln required.

Our revolutionary process will change the way you paint pottery forever. Your pottery painting projects can be done from home and finished at home.

When finished, they are 100% food safe (not oven safe).

The Best Part...

A Kit for You = A Kit for Two

Founder image

Why We Give

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill

It was always a part of the plan. There is no greater gift than seeing the good that results from acts of kindness. As a mom and an artist, I have always envisioned running a company that makes "giving back" central to the mission. Even as a child, I craved purpose and wanted to make a difference.

My personal soft spot is for sick children and my personal gift to the world is art. Helping sick children heal through art is where I have chosen to shine my light and spread joy.

How We Give...

When someone makes a purchase on our site, a portion of the proceeds are spent on a "kit" of art therapy supplies for sick children in hospitals.

Pottery Awesomeness gives based on the individual needs of each hospital's art therapy department. We work directly with the lead art therapist at each hospital in our program to determine what supplies are needed. These "kits" of supplies are bought by Pottery Awesomeness and shipped directly to the hospital. No middle man.

This means that for every purchase you make with us, you are potentially putting a paint brush or a marker or an art journal directly into the hands of a child who needs the power of art the most.

Product image