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Our Story

The Unexpected Beginnings of Pottery Awesomeness

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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I am a mother and an artist.

I, like most people, have something inside of me that drives me to “create”. As humans, we all have this. How we express it is what makes us unique, different and wonderful. Sharing our creations and expressions of creativity with the world is what makes the world so beautiful. Just look around you… That phone, that piece of furniture, that cool gadget in your kitchen, that framed piece of art on the wall… all of them are creations by our fellow humans and all of them were the result of something inside of them that wanted to be created.

I discovered that one of the easiest ways to fulfill my soul's need to create, was to paint. Eventually, I stumbled upon painting pottery and something inside me clicked. It became my absolute favorite form of creative expression. I loved the pairing of form and function. Over the years, my love for pottery painting transformed into a love for sharing it with others. This is when I opened my very own “paint your own pottery” studio and this is when the seeds for Pottery Awesomeness were planted…

The Spark

How did Pottery Awesomeness begin?

It all started with the boutique "paint your own pottery" studio I ran in Gloucester Point, VA, called York River Pottery Co.

While running my studio, I had the opportunity to see the effect that painting pottery had on my customers. It matched my own.  It can only be described as joy. I quickly realized that I wanted to spread that joy to more people and families than those that my small studio could reach.

The Pottery Awesomeness product lines were all developed by translating my years of experience in the studio setting to an online offering that delivers all the pottery painting joy I see in the studio to your front door. No kiln required! 

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The Why

The Art/Wellness Connection

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Over the years, I have voraciously studied the deep and important connection that art has to wellness. I truly believe (and science backs me up on this) that art is not just a fun distraction. It is vital to wellness, not just for kids, but adults too.

All children love painting... then as we grow older, we lose our non-judgmental enjoyment of certain activities, especially if we declare ourselves, "not good at it".

Ultimately, I have seen hundreds of adults walk into my studio, declare "I am not creative" and have the most enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing time while painting.  They ended up coming back again and again.  They developed an all too familiar craving for smearing paint over a piece of bare bisqueware. They also developed a craving for the calm it brings them. 

Pottery Awesomeness exists to ship gifts of joy and wellness from my family to yours!

The Awesome

What makes Pottery Awesomeness Different?

We offer the largest selection of beautiful bisqueware (ready to paint bare pottery) in the United States, high quality vibrant paint, and... drum roll please...

Our proprietary "food-safe" brush on glaze. No kiln necessary.

Why is this revolutionary?

Before now, in order to have dishes, mixing bowls or serving dishes that were hand-painted and functional (i.e. food safe), you would need access to a kiln!  While we are happy to lend you ours, the logistics of that are no bueno!

Now, you can paint at home, glaze at home (without a kiln), then mix, measure and eat to your heart's content!

(no baking, though...  they are not oven safe, but neither are low fire ceramics out of the kiln).

This glazing system is proprietary and only available through Pottery Awesomeness.

The History

The Whole Story

Hi, I'm Stephanie, the founder of Pottery Awesomeness. 

When I launched Pottery Awesomeness, I was running a brick and mortar "paint your own pottery" studio where I had gathered tons of market research on what people love to paint!

I knew people loved functional pottery pieces (things that can be used like dishes and mixing bowls) and I wanted so badly to be able to offer them to my online customers as well, but there was no way to make them food safe without sending a kiln too! A kiln is around $4,000 used, so I knew that would be a hard sell, lol.

Since it wasn't possible at the time, I focused on what was possible and fun... Holiday and seasonal items! People fell in love with our monthly seasonal box offerings. It has been such an extraordinary, fun venture offering our seasonal pottery boxes and painting them along side you. The popularity took us by surprise and we eventually had to put our subscription on a waitlist!

In my heart of hearts, as Pottery Awesomeness grew, I knew I still wanted to find a way to offer the dishes and serving ware that people love to paint because I understand it's about making something that can be passed down...

...commemorative plates that preserve your babies' footprints, signature plates that capture all the guests at your wedding, a plate that marks the day you got the "all clear" from your oncologist, one-of-a-kind recipe dishes that have grandma's pecan pie recipe (in her hand writing) on it, pastry dishes that remind you of your mom's famous red velvet cake, and mixing bowls that your kids, grandkids and great grandkids can using long after you're gone.

I became obsessed with making functional pottery at home a possibility. It's been two years since my search began... and I am finally ready to release it to the world! I found the solution! And, we are the only ones who are offering it...

Is it really food safe without firing it in a kiln? Yes! We are the only online pottery studio that will be offering a proprietary "food-safe" finish that can be applied at home. No kiln required.

Our revolutionary process will change the way you paint pottery forever. Your pottery painting projects can be done from home and finished at home.

When finished, they are 100% food safe (not oven safe).

A Kit For You = A Kit For Two

Extending our reach...

In 2020, we announced the launch of our “A Kit for You=A Kit for Two” program!

This program is the ultimate reward as it allows me to reach the children who need art the most.

For every kit or purchase made on our site, we donate a kit of art therapy supplies to children in hospitals. For more information, click here:

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