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Our Story

The Unexpected Beginnings of Pottery Awesomeness

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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I am a mother and an artist.

I am a mother first, an artist second and a business owner third. My life was forever transformed and given purpose the day I became a mother. It was as if I finally became who I was meant to be. My heart instantly swelled to unimaginable proportions to make room for every first, scratch, tear, giggle and success my kids experience. My kids made me who I am and changed who I am as an artist.

I no longer draw or paint only for myself. My heart is now brimming when I am able to teach and share the joys of art with children. My business allows me to make a difference in the lives of children all over the world, not just mine and that is a dream come true!

The Spark

How did Pottery Awesomeness begin?

It all started with the boutique "paint your own pottery" studio I ran in Gloucester Point, VA, called York River Pottery Co.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see the effect that painting pottery has had on my own kids as well as the children who come into my studio to paint. It can only be described as joy. I quickly realized that I wanted to spread that joy to more children and families than those that my small studio can reach.

The Pottery Awesomeness product lines were all developed by translating my years of experience in the studio setting to an online offering that delivers all the pottery painting joy I see in the studio to your front door. No kiln required! Evie and Reid, my littles, were involved every step of the way. Our products were truly made for kids by kids.

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The Why

The Art/Wellness Connection

Over the years, I have voraciously studied the deep and important connection that art has to wellness. I truly believe (and science backs me up on this) that art is not just a fun distraction. It is vital to wellness, especially in children.

All children love painting. They crave the connections the brain makes when they hold a paintbrush. They also crave the calm it brings them. It is much more than a fun activity -- it is a calm down technique and a means of communication for littles who don’t have the words yet to express themselves.

Pottery Awesomeness painting kits essentially are gifts of joy and wellness from my family to yours!

Reaching MORE kids!

A Kit for You = A Kit for Two

In 2020, we announced the launch of our “A Kit for You=A Kit for Two” program!

This program is the ultimate reward as it allows me to reach the children who need art the most.

For every kit or purchase made on our site, we donate a kit of art therapy supplies to children in hospitals. For more information, click here:

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