Food Safe Glaze Instructions

Please watch this video.  A better video is on the way!

Step 1: Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before painting.

***Always have clean hands when handling your pottery. The oils on your fingers will cause the glaze to crawl.***

Step 2:With a wet sponge and clean hands, wipe down your pottery to remove any oils.

Step 3:Paint however you wish! Make it a masterpiece!

****ALL BARE BISQUE must be covered with paint. The brush-on food safe glaze does not like the bare bisque surface and will ruin your piece without acrylic paint underneath. If you would like the entire piece white with a few accents, please paint a base layer of white before adding any details. The base layer can be any color as long as it is completely covered.

Step 4:After your piece is painted, please allow to completely dry.  We recommend a minimum dry time of 48 hours (or more if it is humid where you live).

THIS IS CRUCIAL.  If your piece is not dry the paint will bleed.

Step 5:Watch video at top of page if you have not already.

Step 6:Prepare your “curing place” (where your piece will sit while curing). Your pottery piece will need to be elevated above a disposable piece of cardboard, table cover or glazing mat. When the glaze runs, whatever it drips on will be ruined. You also do not want the bottom edge of a cup or mug to be directly touching anything as it will be glued to its resting place.  This is why we recommend purchasing a stilt (avilable in our painting tools collection.  

Do not place your painted piece upside down to dry.  Place it right side up.  The drip marks of the glaze should be on the bottom of the piece, not the visible top rim.

Step 7:With latex gloves on, rupture the “Glaze pouch” by laying it flat on a table and using pressure from your fist on one side of the bag to rupture the seal and mix to combine contents.

Use the edge of the table to scrape the contents back and forth end to end. Continue scraping for 2-3 minutes until it becomes relatively clear.

After 2-3 minutes the glaze becomes relatively clear and streak free indicating a uniform mixture.

Step 8:Cut the corner of the glaze pouch open and squeeze into a disposable cup

Step 9:Use the provided stir stick to stir the contents for 15-30 seconds. Mix gently to minimize air bubbles. The mixture is ready for application.

Step 10:Use included foam brush to apply glaze to ALL PAINTED SURFACES anywhere acrylic paint was used. Apply even coverage.  DO NOT POUR.  This is a brush-on material.  After applying 1 even coat, allow to sit for 15 minutes, then check your piece.  The glaze will still have flexibility and workability at this point.  If there are spots that are showing crawling, please attempt to add a small amount of glaze.

***The mixed glaze in the cup will cure at the same rate it cures on your piece, so your application will need to be complete on the first try.

Step 11:Use a hairdryer (being careful that your piece does not get blown over) on the highest heat option possible to remove as many air bubbles as possible. [Spraying acetone (nail polish remover) can work and so can a kitchen blow torch if you have one]

Step 12:Allow to sit until cured (about 12 hours)

Step 13:Please do not dispose of glaze in the sink.  Do not try to wash foam brush or cup. After curing, please dispose of all materials in the garbage.

If you have any questions, please email us at  We are happy to help!