Can I choose my own colors?

Absolutely! Each kit comes with (1) eight color paint palette, including white and black and 6 other fun colors.  You have the choice to select a palette that our team has put together (based on what we think will work well), or you can choose any 6 colors that you want! Want to make a pink and green robot? Go for it! The possibilities are endless :)  We also offer an extra palette as an add-on.  This way if you are sharing a kit or if your kiddo loves using lots of paint, you will have what you need! 

What is a Tag-Along?

Tag-alongs are AWESOME. They are small, magnet-sized pieces of pottery (and, yes, you can actually make them into a magnet with the help of a hot glue gun :). Tag-alongs are hugely popular and are equally as fun to paint as the large piece of pottery that comes in the kit. There is more than enough paint in the kit to paint all the pieces that come in the kit and any other Tag-alongs you add to your cart (and probably a small canvas too)!

Are the mugs  you offer food-safe?

All of the mugs that we offer are food safe in the interior and on the rim (lip line).  The entire interior and rim (lip line) have been hand-glazed by us with a food safe glaze and fired in our kiln.  We hand glaze them so that we can control how much of the design is covered by our glaze. We want the perfect balance of "safe to drink from" and "fun to paint"!  Anywhere there is "bare bisque", or unglazed pottery, is able to be painted with the acrylic paint included in our kits, then sealed with the glossy sealer.  The glossy sealer is a glue and is not food safe.  Please make sure you drink only from the glazed portion of the mug.  After being painted and sealed, we recommend hand washing only for our mugs.

Can we choose our Tag-alongs?

Yes and No. The ones that come in the kit are chosen by us. However, you can choose to add a few Tag-alongs to your kit if you want to!

Why would I upgrade brushes or sealer?

Included in our kit is a very cost effective solution that will meet your needs. However, we wanted to make it possible to add a couple of things to the kit that would just add to the awesomeness. The sealer upgrade option is there simply because we love the product! Is it necessary? No, not at all. The brush-on works great (we use it all the time)! We just love spray-on sealer and wanted to make it available.

I really want to have a paint party for my child's birthday this year.
When will your paint party packages be available?

Check back in 2020! We are working hard to put this together as we understand how popular a painting birthday party is :)

Can I get two big figurines in one kit?

Not yet! But, we are working hard to offer many more kits with many more options. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get the fastest updates on all of the additions to our lines! We promise big things are coming!

Do you offer a subscription?

Yes!! Check it out here: The Pottery Pack: A Seasonal Subscription Kit 

Something is missing from my order! Who do I contact?

Did you order extra tag-alongs and don't see them?  Please double check!  We bury the little magnet-sized tag-alongs so that they don't bang against anything else during shipping and sometimes (most of the time) they are buried in the crinkle paper!  That being said, mistakes do happen and if you did not receive something you ordered, just let us know! Email us at cs@potteryawesomeness.com 

Something came broken! What do I do? 

First, we are so sorry that happened!  As a business that sells breakable goods, we do our best to prevent breakage by packing the pottery in our kits as tightly as we can and with as much protection as we can and always identify our packages as "FRAGILE".  Unfortunately, breakage during shipping is a possibility.  We understand your disappointment and want you to know that we will take care of it!  Please send photos of all broken items along with your order number to cs@potteryawesomeness.com.  We will get a new one out to you along with tracking right away!

I got my kit.  Now what do I do? Are there any guidelines?


Paint your pottery!

Use your creativity and allow your imagination to take over.  Acrylic paints can be mixed to create new colors.  Add small amounts of white to make lighter versions of a color or small amounts of black for darker versions.  Mix brown in a color for earthier colors.  Watch here on our Youtube channel to see how mixing the aqua and purple in the Mermaid Shelley color palette makes blue (perfect, if you want your mermaid to have blue eyes).

We encourage using our painting kits as a "family time" activity!  Family rocks and we like to say that "families who paint together, smile together".

Our acrylic paint is all-purpose, water-based, fast drying, wipe clean finish. Non-toxic, soap & water clean-up.  Please note that acrylic paint can stain clothes.

 STEP 2:

Once the paint is dry, add the glossy sealer, either brush-on or spray-on.  See below for details.


The brush on sealer is the one that comes included with the kit and is in the small 1 oz container labeled "PA".  To apply, use foam applicator brush that also comes with the kit. 

Quick Finish: Apply (1) smooth, thin coat and allow to dry (about 20-30 minutes depending on thickness).  If you want a little more shine, add one more coat.  That's it! (RECOMMENDED)

Built-Up Finish:  Apply 2-3 coats, allow to dry 20-30 minutes in between coats.  Wet sand with 400 grit sand paper gently in between coats and after final coat until smooth.  Wipe dry. Polish with #0000 steel wool.  Wipe with damp cloth.  This method is for over-achievers only :)  Busy moms, dads and grandparents should not feel pressure and should take solace knowing that we never sand anything around here ;)


If you opted for the spray sealer upgrade at checkout, skip the brush-on sealer.  (Save it for another craft project on another day).

Spray at room temperature (70-80° F) in a well ventilated area.  We recommend taking your pottery outside and placing it in or on a disposable cardboard box to protect your work area (spray will adhere to the surface below your pottery).

Shake can well. Test spray off to the side.  Hold can upright 10-12" from surface.  Apply spray in quick, short mists over surface.  Let dry 5-10 minutes between coats.  Apply additional coats lightly by spraying side-to-side.  Only 1-2 coats is necessary, but this is personal preference.  Heavy applications may run.

To unclog spray button, turn can upside down, point away from you and spray until pressure escapes.


We do not recommend placing any of your painted treasures from Pottery Awesomeness in the dishwasher.  While all mugs and vases that we sell do come glazed and fired on the interior and rim, making them 100% food-safe, the glossy sealer applied to the painted portion of the pottery is not dishwasher safe.  We recommend hand-washing only.


Take a selfie, share & SAVE!  

1. Take a selfie with your painted Pottery Awesomeness Kit or a picture of your child painting the pottery.   

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 When will my order ship?

We ship our items super fast!  We know how exciting it is to have an activity on the way and we want you to get it as fast as possible.  As long as an item is in stock, we will ship within 1 business day.

How long will shipping take?

We can control how fast it leaves us and do everything in our power to get it out the door with lightening speed!  Unfortunately, we cannot control the shipping times of the carriers once it leaves our hands.  This does not mean we cannot help if there is an issue though.  Please utilize the tracking information sent via email.  If it seems like things are taking too long, please reach out to USPS or UPS and provide your tracking number for them to give you an update on your package. Also, send your order number to us and we will investigate on our end as well.

Where is my kit? It says it was delivered, but it's not here!?

If your tracking information says "delivered", but your package is nowhere in sight, please give it a couple of days to show up.  Usually when this happens USPS marks it as delivered but the package ends up showing up later.  If the package hasn't shown up in two days, please reach out to USPS and provide your tracking number for them to give you an update on your package.  Also, send your order number to us and we will investigate on our end as well. 

For all shipping questions, please email  cs@potteryawesomeness.com

 What if I don't like my kit?

We have a money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your Pottery Awesomeness kit for any reason, please return it for a full refund or replacement. We cannot accept pottery kits that have been used or already painted.

Please note that each piece of pottery is made by pouring slip into a mold and will have its own unique characteristics.  Typical places for imperfections to appear are at connections (such as where a handle connects to a mug).  These imperfections are part of the charm! 

For return instructions please contact cs@potteryawesomeness.com