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2.36 Inch Tripod Stilt

A Stephanie favorite!

60mm between pins: Stilts are small supports used when glazing ceramics to stop the glaze from fusing the item to its drying surface.  They are great for glazing ceramic ware.  Stilts should be chosen based on the size of the bisque ware being glazed as well as the complexity of its shape.  Uncommon or irregular shapes should be glazed on multi-point or even bar stilts.  More simple ceramic ware like plates, dishes, and mugs should be stilted with a 3-point stilt with the points just inside the foot ring or lip of the bottom.  Do not use an undersized stilt.  If a plate is five inches across, use a minimum of one three to four inch stilt or two smaller ones.  If you use a stilt that is too small, the piece can tilt and slide off onto the drying surface.


The 60mm 3-Point Tripod Stilt is a necessity because it will be the right fit for many regularly-shaped ceramic pieces like dishes, large mugs, plates, and more!

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