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What is art?

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed imagination and what it is…

In short, imagination is the formation of ideas in our minds… visions of your dream kitchen, of yourself on a sandy beach with a book in hand, or the idea for the next New York Times best selling novel are all examples of imagination. Imaginative thoughts only become real when…


Art is generally accepted as the expression of your imagination in an aesthetic form. Common art forms are drawing, painting, writing, sculpting, music, dance, etc… things that engage the senses and have emotional power.

When making imaginative ideas into real things, it can look like this:

Imagination: dream kitchen
Creation: do research on options, get estimates, save money or acquire financing, hire a contractor.

Imagination: taking a beach vacation
Creation: save money, do research on beaches and accommodations and book that trip.

Imagination: idea for novel
Creation: pick up pen and start writing

Imagination: paint a picture of a rainbow
Creation: gather art supplies and paint that rainbow

There are usually a few steps in between the ideas in your imagination and the creation. This is called a “gestation period”.

One of the beautiful and deeply satisfying things about art is that the gestation period can be relatively short, unless of course you are Michelangelo.

What this means is that, with art, we can instantly imagine something AND create it! As human beings, we are born creators. We create our own realities by making decisions on a daily basis. But, if you are anything like me, that gestation period is annoying. Patience is not my strong suit which is why art is extremely therapeutic to me.

Besides language, art is one of the fastest ways to show the world who you are. It can express emotions and ideas in vivid and impactful ways.

It’s why when your child finishes a painting or a craft, they are so excited to show you.

They are showing you a part of themselves. They are showing you how they feel. And, they can do it quickly and without words. If you haven’t noticed, patience doesn’t rank super high in a child’s world either.

It feels good to imagine, but the real magic and satisfaction comes with creation.

That painted picture your child is so proud of equals your satisfaction as you gaze at your newly installed back-splash in your dream kitchen. It's the realization of your imagination. And, it is oh so satisfying!

When you imagine something and it becomes real, you embrace your innate power. The power to create!

Cool, huh?

Stephanie Kessel,
Founder of Pottery Awesomeness, mom & artist
Stephanie has an Master of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design

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