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Using "Masks" while painting - Tip #3

Using "Masks" while painting is an easy way to create fun patterns and sharp lines.

The word "mask" has many meanings.  The first image that usually comes to mind is the kind of mask that Batman or Spiderman wear, but that's not the kind I use when painting... though they are similar in concept.

The general meaning of the word mask is "to conceal something from view" and that is exactly what we do when using them to paint.

One of my favorite types of masks is masking tape or painters tape.  In the video tutorial above, I explain a few considerations you will definitely want to know while using these materials.

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Stephanie Kessel,
Founder & CEO of Pottery Awesomeness, mom & artist
Stephanie has an Master of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design

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