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Party Package Inspiration

by Shopify API

Why Pottery Party Packages are even a thing.

Have you ever had this thought: “Oh man, ____’s birthday is coming up”... and then felt immediately overwhelmed? Well, you’re not alone. With the invention of Pinterest and Social Media, parents are able to peek at what other parents do when throwing their kids a party and I for one wish I didn’t know!

There are a lot of wonderful things about throwing a great party for your kids, not the least of which is the memories. The one thing that can ruin it though, is the pressure to perform.

I’m Stephanie, the founder of Pottery Awesomeness. I am a mom of two kids under the age of 8 and I also run two businesses. Time is limited and time to run around town to shop for supplies for a party that will be “the best ever” is non-existent.

Shopping online is a life-saver - but sometimes it's not

If you are anything like me, you do a lot of your shopping online. Every year when my kids’ birthdays start creeping up on me, I start to google. There are so many fun things out there and I’d love to do them all, but I’ve never found an easy way to get everything I need in quantities that I need without going to 5 different places.

Birthday parties are so incredibly special for our kids. It’s their day to shine and feel special and we want to make it special for them. It’s just hard to find time to coordinate everything, am I right? I have always wanted there to be a true party in a box, so to speak, where I could just order it and have it delivered to my door, but not just the party supplies, the entertainment too.

Birthday parties are such a special event in our kids' lives. Giving your kids the party they deserve shouldn't be hard!

Make your kids smile with an awesome party delivered to your door.

From pottery to cupcake toppers, our packages are complete. All you need to add is the cupcakes!

Select from three different levels: The Starter Social, The Classic Party, and the Blowout Bash

My own desire for this product was the inspiration behind the Pottery Awesomeness Party Packages. Everything we have included in our packages is something I would want and have secretly wished would pop-up in a search engine. They say necessity is the mother of invention and while balloon garlands are not a necessity by any means, they are fun!

Founder of Pottery Awesomeness, mom & party thrower