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Easter Yarn Egg Tutorial

Easter is hippity hopping our way! 

Here's a super easy Easter craft that is fun for all ages.  The great thing about this craft is that it is super simple, yet practices lots of skills, like tracing, cutting, taping and yarn wrapping. All you need is a few things you can probably find around the house:

  • a cereal box or piece of cardstock
  • scissors
  • tape
  • marker for tracing
  • yarn
  • our egg template download here 



First, cut out the egg from our template, trace it on the back of the cereal box and cut it out:

Yarn Egg Cut Out


Next, select your yarn colors:

Select Yarn Colors


Next, tape the yarn to the back of the yarn egg (the side with the cereal images):


Next, wrap the yarn around the cardboard egg.  When finished with that color, snip yarn and tape to back. Select new color, tape to back and begin wrapping again.  

Wrap Yarn


Continue switching colors and wrapping until desired result is achieved.  Watch this quick video to see how to wrap the yarn!



 Enjoy these adorable little decorations anywhere you'd like a little Easter cheer!


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