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Choose as many pieces of pottery as your heart desires. Use the filter, search and sorting features to help you find what you are looking for.

Select Painting & Glazing Tools

Our AMAZING, proprietary, food-safe glossy glaze is now available! We have also included some very useful glazing tools like a glazing mat and stilts. We recommend these for making the glazing and curing process as easy as possible! Please select any brushes or glazes you need (nothing is included). If using our food-safe glossy glaze, please calculate the amount of glaze you will need based on the surface area measurements found in each of your product descriptions. Each pack of our glossy food-safe glaze covers approximately 75 - 125 square inches. Please click on each product for more details. Full glazing instructions are included and are available in the FAQ section of the website. Monthly ZOOMs, the Facebook Group and email support are always available for questions and help with the glazing process. Food-safe glaze is not necessary for items that will not be used for food, however it is our glossy option if you would like the kiln-fired, glass-like appearance for your other pieces.

Select Paint Colors

Add a paint set or individual colors! We recommend starting with a paint set, then adding colors as you run low. To sort by sets, bottles, or paint pots, please use the "Filter by Collection" feature. Our Paint Pots have .1 ounces of paint each (these are perfect for details not coverage). Our individual bottles have 1 ounce of paint. Please refer to the surface area measurements on each of the pieces of pottery that you selected to ensure you have enough paint. 1 oz of paint covers approximately 166 sq. inches. If you are using our food-safe glazing finish, 100% of the pottery must be covered in a base coat for the finish to adhere properly. The base coat can be any color.

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